Problem to be solved

  • Disadvantaged children and their families: Due to special family circumstances such as low income, bereavement, and intergenerational caring, children lack proper care and education.
  • Children in need of early treatment: Economically disadvantaged families miss the golden period of early childhood care due to insufficient resources, thereby increasing the burden on families and social support costs.
  • It is not easy for social welfare groups to raise funds: Their old and inadequate facilities affect the capacity of services, restricting students’ schoolwork activities and learning development. The reduced service capacity of social welfare groups is unable to support the workload of caring for disadvantaged families.

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Night Angel After-School Tutoring Program for disadvantaged students

The Night Angel After-School Tutoring Program for disadvantaged students (Hsinchu County, since 2010): The Novatek Foundation responded to the Ministry of Education's "Night Angel Lighting Program" and continued to sponsor after-school tutoring fees of two schools in Hsinchu County to provide after-school care, food and homework guidance for disadvantaged students who were left unattended after school, preventing them from wandering outside without supervision Over the past 13 years, the accumulated sponsorship has exceeded NT$ 9.92 million, and the number of students who have received assistance has reached 496. 




In 2022, sponsored amount is NT$ 374,000, and 16 students benefited.

496 students

Over the past 13 years, the accumulated sponsorship has exceeded NT$ 9.92 million, and the number of students who have received assistance has reached 496.



Nature experience program for special education students

Collaborating with the Hsinchu Branch of the Society of Wilderness, the project aims to provide nature experience for students of special education and special needs class in rural schools outside of Hsinchu City and County, and to foster their understanding and awareness of environmental conservation by immersing them in nature. 




In 2022, sponsored amount is NT$ 200,000.

57 students

57 special education students benefited, and 149 services provided.



Novatek Social Caring Fund invested in social welfare organizations and the disadvantaged children development

In 2022, donations from the employees were used to support the following 13 projects, which amounted to NT$ 7.527 million, helping 45,124 people (8,796,337 services provided).


NT$7.527 million

Support 13 projects, which amounted to NT$ 7.527 million, helping 45,124 people (8,796,337 services provided).

NT$103 million

Total sponsored amount is NT$ 103,000,000.





  • Sin Te Kindly Education and Training Organization - Donated funds for washing machine and bed equipment funds (NT$ 640,000)
  • Chensenmei Sanatorium - Donated funds for water heater (NT$ 565,000)
  • Yu-Cheng Social Welfare Foundation - Donated equipment for children's developmental aid at the Yongming Development Center (NT$ 570,000)
  • Rehabilitation Care for Children Association - Donated funds for the renovation and replacement of operating equipment for the Future Coffee kitchen and training area (NT$ 1.3 million)
  • Taiwan His Hands Christian Home - Donated cabinet equipment (NT$ 450,000)
  • Little Happiness Link Social Welfare Foundation - Donated baking equipment (NT$ 1,076,000)
  • Shiang Yu Qi Zhi Institute - Donated funds for building equipment (NT$ 805,000)
  • The Early Intervention and Education Joint Service Center of Social Affairs Department, Kinmen County Government - Donated funds for gait training treadmill (NT$ 280,000)
  • Catholic Diocese of Chiayi, affiliated with the Chiayi County privately-owned Mindao Home - donated washing machine and dryer (NT$ 750,000)
  • Andrew Charity Association - donated funds for special food box (NT$ 150,000)
  • Taipei Parents' Association for the Visually Impaired - donated educational books (NT$ 60,000)
  • Maria Social Welfare Foundation – donated educational books (NT$ 81,000)
  • Hung-Chia Sanctuary Center for the Handicapped- donated track-mounted relocation assistance system (NT$ 800,000)
Social Influence Spotlight
Beneficiary feedback

Beneficiary feedback

Juvenile offenders are the most vulnerable among the disadvantaged groups in society, and have long been neglected by society. We are grateful to the Novatek Social Caring Fund for seeing the urgent need to renovate our Future Coffee, which serves as a transition workplace for these juveniles, and immediately offered help. Through companionship and counseling, these children who have made mistakes can find their way home and embark on a new life. The Novatek Social Caring Fund has assisted in repairing the kitchen of the Future Coffee, which had long suffered from leaks in the meal collection area and posed a risk of falling for juveniles delivering food due to the height difference in the stairs. The vocational training area and counseling room are also inadequate, and we hope to provide the juveniles with a warm and comfortable environment to help them recover from their difficulties.

Director of the Counseling Resource Center, Rehabilitation Care for Children Association/Yan-Jun Chen

Beneficiary feedback

Thanks to the Novatek Foundation for continuing to carry out the Night Angel Program over the years, allowing children from disadvantaged families to receive financial support, companionship, and learning resources during their course of growing up. In the period of the Program, we have seen good improvement in students’ fitness and schoolwork, which makes the children to feel love from the society, allowing them learn gratitude in the process of growing up. "The Night Angel Program" is really a great help for students in our school, thanks again.

Wei-Lin Luo/Teacher of Puhe Elementary School in Hsinchu County