Philosophy and Goals

"Taken from the society, give back to society" is not just a slogan, but a concrete demonstration of Novatek people giving back to the society with practical actions.


Social engagement and influence

Social Participation

In 2022, Novatek's overall input in social caring was NT$ 121,589,342, an increase of 72.5% compared with the previous year. The major contribution was from the Company, accounting for 86.7%; the second contribution was employee donation, accounting for 12.3%, and the remaining was time contribution, accounting for 1%.


Based on the objectives of the projects, Novatek's social participation actions are divided into three aspects: community empowerment, public donation and volunteer service. Community empowerment includes higher education, assistance to the disadvantaged, education in rural areas, and sports promotion. Public donations include employee donations such as the Novatek Charity Club and the Novatek Social Caring Fund, as well as local actions. Volunteer services focus on serving the disadvantaged and caring children.

To promote project management and explain the results of social participation, Novatek also attaches great importance to the social influence of various programs. We define "social influence" as "the beneficiaries (including beneficiaries or beneficiary organizations) who have changed their thinking or behaviors due to Novatek's social engagement services." For the engagement in the three aspects of community empowerment, public donation and volunteer service, we use qualitative description or quantitative data to present the positive influence of Novatek's social participation.

Types of social investment in 2022

Note: Time investment = Volunteer hours x Average hourly wage

Social investment items in 2022

Corresponding Performance and goals

Novatek formulated related management strategies and short-, medium- and long-term goals according to the dimensions of “Social Participation” . We set short, medium and long-term goals and presented the performance for management.

Goals and performance


Short-term goals

1 year

Medium-term goals

1-3 years

Long-term goals

3-5 years

NT$5.24 million

Cultivate talents in higher education by offering scholarships that reach NT$ 5.24 million in total, better than our target of NT$ 4.5 million.

14 schools

Promote the reading program for students of 14 elementary schools in rural areas of Yunlin and Hualien, in line with our target of 14 schools.

NT$ 3 million

ponsored NT$ 3 million to cultivate sports talents, in line with our target of NT$ 3 million.

14 sessions

Organized 14 sessions of volunteer services and environmental volunteers added, better than our target of 12 sessions.


48% of the employees have made the donations, better than our target of ≧40%.

16 hours

Novatek has implemented a program for "Corporate Volunteer Leave," which provides paid volunteer leave for employees, with each person entitled to 16 hours of volunteer leave per year.

$15.14 million

Raised over NT$ 15.14 million for the “Novatek Social Caring Fund”, better than our target of NT$ 9 million.


NT$4.8 million

Promote the cultivation of talents in higher education by offering scholarships that exceed NT$ 4.8 million throughout the year

12 schools

Promote the reading program for students of 12 elementary schools in rural areas of Yunlin and Hualien

NT$2.2 million

Sponsor NT$ 2.2 million in a year to cultivate sports talents

16 hours

Employees are entitled to 16 hours of corporate volunteer leave per year


Continue to raise the Novatek Social Caring Fund with donations ≧NT$ 10 million and the employee donation rate maintains at ≧40% 

15 sessions

Organize 15 sessions of corporate volunteer services in a year

performance_target-social-mid_goals.png (518 KB)


  • Expand the resources and energy for cultivating technical talents, and increase the willingness of outstanding students to study doctoral programs.
  • Inspire the reading interest of students in rural areas through systematic topic planning and integration of expert resources. It is hoped that through writing, they can improve their ability to express themselves.
  • Cultivate outstanding sports talents in rural areas, so that they have no worries and have the opportunity to shine on the international stage, making our nation proud.
  • Through the companionship and care of the volunteers, help disadvantaged students get physical/mental relaxation and cultural stimulation.
  • Encourage employee participating in charity donation.
performance_target-social-long_goals.png (354 KB)


  • Promote the cultivation of technical talents, and encourage outstanding PhD and master’s degree students to devote themselves to academic research and technological innovation.
  • Cultivate and inspire the reading interest of students in rural areas, develop their reading habit and enhance their overall learning skills.
  • Long-term cultivation of outstanding sports talents; continue to pass on the experience of outstanding talents and promote various sports.
  • Through the companionship and care of volunteers, help disadvantaged students eliminate the gap in education resources between urban and rural areas.
  • Strive to maintain the annual project execution rate of Novatek Social Caring Fund at ≧ 80%.

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