Philosophy and Goals

Novatek Education Foundation aims to provide multilateral care and education for disadvantaged, underprivileged and minority groups in Taiwan. Combining great resource donation and support from its voluntary employees, Novatek Education Foundation has long been engaged in various educational services and care-giving activities, hoping to increase public interest and participation in the education of underprivileged groups.


The purpose of the Foundation is to be an important source and support for students, as well as the community for culture development and advancement of science education.

The Foundation distributes its funds to local financially disadvantaged minorities, and sponsors fellowship programs for the talented students at colleges and universities. A range of education support programs continue to thrive and grow since its inception. The Foundation also garners the company's employee as volunteers to participate in community support activities and social services.


We believe that education is the seed of the sustainability and long-term development of our society. The Foundation is committed to creating innovative programs that improve learning, push boundaries and contribute to the community.

Higher Education

To promote science education development as well as outstanding talent cultivation, Novatek Education Foundation has established scholarship programs to encourage outstanding graduate students and doctoral students to concentrate on academic research and technological innovation, striving for the development of science education in Taiwan together.


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Support for the disadvantaged

In coordination with the "Angel Lighting Project" organized by the Ministry of Education, Novatek Education Foundation provides assistance for students from underprivileged families by offering services such as after-school courses and dinner. With the after-school care programs as well as loving companionship, children may aimlessly wander around no more. Instead, they are provided with a stable, loving, and nurturing environment for learning and growth.


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Promote reading in rural areas

Novatek Education Foundation launched a "Reading Promotion" program to assist rural and remote elementary schools in Yunlin and Hualien Counties through donating quality reading materials as well as organizing a variety of activities covering creative reading, field trips, and well-designed games of reading competition. By means of the help of story-telling moms, book clubs, and arrangements of authors' school visits, we aim to cultivate students' interests in reading and furthermore enhance their capacities of reading comprehension.


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Sports promotion

Since 2007, Novatek has been a sponsor of the archery team of Fuli Junior High School. Every year, the foundation sponsors 15 to 20 team members who are middle school, undergraduate or graduate students. The sponsored items include consumable parts, facilities, equipment, expenditures for domestic/international competitions, scholarship, etc. The Fuli Archery Team players have become shining stars repeatedly breaking the records in many international sports events. Even more surprisingly, the team won the Bronze Medal in the Women's Archery Team Competition in 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil, the Women's Individual Gold Medal in the 2016 Turkey World Archery Competition, and the Women's Team Silver Medal & Women's Individual Silver Medal in the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei. All this has immensely glorified our country, and as their major sponsor, we proudly and elatedly share their honor. Furthermore, Novatek Education Foundation has been a sponsor of the Weightlifting Team of National Erh-lin Industrial and Commercial Vocational High School since 2017. The sponsorship program provides funds for training facilities, equipment, consumable parts, nutritional supplements, etc., and expects to develop more and more talented athletes who would strive to earn the honor for our country.


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Volunteer service

Novatek Education Foundation has been devoted to voluntary services for a long time, including one-on-one companionship for visually impaired students in Taichung Special Education School and educational activities for nature and local communities exploration. In addition, the volunteers also provided the children in Hsinchu Ren-ai Orphanage and those ones selected for the Angel Lighting Project in another three schools in Hsinchu County with cares and enlightenments on humanity and science. Novatek volunteers have also assisted the marginalized teenagers in Miracle Home and underprivileged students in Hsinchu Xiangshan District for career exploration and farm-work experiences. Approximately, the aforementioned voluntary services were organized about 16 rounds per year.


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Awards and Recognition

  • Novatek was awarded the “2019 & 2023 Excellent Utilization Unit for Volunteer Service in Education” and the “2018~2022 Young Volunteer Excellent Utilization Unit” by the Ministry of Education.
  • Received the 2018, 2019 and 2022 "Sports Promoter Award - Long-term Sponsorship Award" by the Ministry of Education for 3 times.
  • Won the “2022 Social Education Contribution Award “ Issued by Ministry of Education.


Social Influence Spotlight
Retrospect & Beneficiary feedback

Novatek Foundation Wins 2022 Social Education Contribution Award Issued by Ministry of Education

Novatek Foundation has long been investing in social education. Its continuous effort has been recognized by the Ministry of Education and awarded the “2022 Social Education Contribution Award.” Upholding the spirit of long-term investment and continuous growth, the Novatek Foundation will keep on moving forward with its firm belief. The awards are not only an affirmation of Novatek Foundation’s efforts, but also the greatest encouragement for us at Novatek to stick to our mission. The Novatek Foundation will not forget its original intention and will join hands with all partners and volunteers to continuously contribute to social education, fulfilling our corporate mission of giving back to society.

Recap of the achievements of the Novatek Foundation over the past 10 years

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Novatek Foundation. Thanks to Novatek volunteers and charity partners for your support and dedication over the past 10 years, jointly creating many great moments and memories! We will show you a recap of the achievements of the Novatek Foundation over the past 10 years.

The gift to Yunlin for 8 years from Novatek Education Foundation

Novatek Education Foundation has been organizing story summer camps in Yunlin for several years. Every year, the foundation assists approximately 50 underprivileged students in Yunlin county to develop their potential and creativity , expand their horizons by boosting multiple reading, create happy learning and reading experiences, enhance their understanding about the local communities, and inspire their peer thinking and autonomy in learning.

Feedback from Volunteers

Feedback from volunteers