Practice Green Commitment and Create Sustainable Environment

Novatek passed the LRQA verification on May 10, 2007 and was awarded ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System certificates. The current certificate is valid from May 29, 2022 to May 28, 2025. We formulates environmental sustainability policies that focus on daily resource management, promotes energy-saving and carbon-reduction solutions, waste and water management, green procurement practices for office products and mountain and forest protection, continuing to strive for environmental sustainability. 








Every Novatek employee is expected to regard environment, safety and health as his/her responsibility. Since Novatek is dedicated to sustainable operation and development, the nature and scale of environmental impact as well as safety and health hazards resulting from the operations of the Company are required to be in compliance with laws and regulations in order to minimize any harm to our environment. To reduce environmental impact caused by the Company’s activities, Novatek promises:

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Waste management

Novatek is an IC design company engaged in product design and sales. The production of our products is carried out by professional foundries and packaging & testing houses. Waste includes general industrial waste, daily life waste, and industrial waste (chip waste). In the management of chip waste, defective chips produced by outsourced manufacturers are recycled and reused as resources. Waste chips are delivered to professional treatment plants for the recovery of gold, silicon, or other heavy metals. In 2022, the volume of gold recovered reached 92 kg (equivalent to recycling 2.02 million mobile phones).


In 2022, the general industrial waste recycling rate was 51.17%, achieving the annual target of a recycling rate greater than 50%. Novatek will continue to use waste reduction and resource utilization as strategies to set the 2023 recycling target at greater than 50%. In 2022, the waste chip recycling rate was greater than 90%, achieving the annual target of a recycling rate greater than 90%. The waste chip recycling target for 2023 will remain greater than 90%.

Statistics of waste disposal


Type of wasteNote1 Disposal method

Amount disposed in 2021

(Metric tons)

Amount disposed in 2022

(Metric tons)

General industrial waste General waste Incinerated 23.25



Waste paper, iron/alloy, containers, waste light sources Recycled 23.85



Total 47.10


Density (metric tons/NT$ million) 0.000348


General industrial waste recycling rate >50% 50.64%



Note 1: The data coverage is limited to the two operating sites of Novatek located in the Hsinchu Science Park (General Garbage: EPA Waste Code D-1801)

Note 2: Ratio= Amount disposed by waste type/Total amount disposed



Type of wasteNote1

Disposal method

Amount disposed in 2022 Note 2

(Metric tons)

Daily life waste

Waste from daily life of employees






Note 1: The average production of daily waste per person is 1.173kg (Waste from daily life of employees: EPA waste code H-0002)

Note 2: Amount disposed= Number of employees x Working days x The average production of daily waste per person x 1/3 (The Daily working hours is calculated as 8 hours)



Category Type of waste Disposal method

Amount disposed in 2021

(Metric tons)

Amount disposed in 2022

(Metric tons)


Amount of gold recycled (kg)

Mobile phonesNote2 (Set)

Industrial waste Waste driver chip Outsourced disposal





Waste SoCs Outsourced disposal









Density (metric tons/NT$ million)



Waste chip recycling rate (>90%)   >90% >90%      


Note 1: Ratio= Amount disposed by waste type/Total amount disposed

Note 2: According to a report by the Executive Yuan's Environmental Protection Administration, approximately 1 kg of gold can be extracted from 22,000 mobile phones



Gold recovery (circular economy diagram)

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Water management

Novatek has no manufacturing plants; therefore, its water management mainly involves water for domestic use, air-conditioning system condensate and cooling water for computer rooms. In 2022, the total water consumption was 93,489 m3, which was 4,624 m3 (1,000 L) less than the previous year or equivalent to the daily water consumption of 4,624 households. The annual water saving rate was 4.95%, exceeding the annual target of 2%, mainly due to the relocation of personnel from the Duxing Building in April 2022, which resulted in no water usage. In addition, there were improvements made to the R&D Building's pipeline leakage, daily water conservation efforts, and the Technology Building's cooling tower water conservation. These measures contributed to the reduction in water consumption. We will continue to strengthen water resource management and improve our water recycling mechanisms. The goal of 2023 water saving rate is improved by >2% compared with the previous year.


  • Note:According to the "Research on Water Consumption Control for Residential and Office Buildings" conducted by the Architecture and Building Research Institute of the Ministry of the Interior, the estimated daily water consumption per person is 250 L. For general residential buildings, the water consumption is calculated based on an average of four persons per household, which is equivalent to a daily water consumption of 1,000 L (1 m3) per household.

Annual water saving plan and results

Improvement plan Improvement measures Water consumption performance
1. Implement water quality improvement measures for the cooling tower in the Technology Building Replacing chemical treatment with physical treatment and using long-fiber filters to reduce environmental impact; the water quality improvement project for the cooling tower was completed in September 2022. After verifying the effectiveness, the water quality improvement project has reduced the cooling tower's discharge by 71.2%, with an estimated annual reduction of approximately 6,000 metric tons.
2. Activate water recycling system The Tai Yuan Building in Zhubei was awarded the Green Building Label (Silver Level) by the Ministry of the Interior in 2021 and activated the water recycling system. In 2022, a total of 484 metric tons of water was recycled by collecting rainwater and RO water for use in gardening and irrigation, improving the overall water efficiency.
3. Fully change to water-saving toilets As water-saving efficiency continues to improve, we will gradually replace the toilets in our operating sites with gold-level water-saving models. Each use can save an additional 1.2 liters of water.

Statistics on water resources

Unit: m3 (1,000 L)

Statistics on water resources 

2019 2020 2021 2022
Water consumption volume 70,132 80,426 98,113 93,489
Water saving volume - - 1,909.5 4,624
Water saving rateNote 1 - - 1.95% 4.95%

Water intensity

(1,000 L/NT$ million)

    0.7248 0.8502

Note 1:Water saving rate = water saving volume / water consumption volume

Note 2:The Company has been calculating the water saving volume and water saving rate since 2021, and the data has been collected since then

Note 3:The data is limited to Novatek’s operating sites in Hsinchu

Green Procurement Action

Novatek is committed to environmental protection, and continues to implement energy-saving and carbon-reduction related projects in all offices. It prioritizes the purchase of green products and implements a plastic reduction policy to reduce the load on the environment, so as to achieve Novatek’s commitment to environmental protection. The implementation results in 2022 are as follows:

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Maintenance of Yushan National Park Trails

Philosophy and Goals


  • To jointly maintain the conditions of the trail facilities as well as the environment in Yushan National Park and to promote the safety for mountain hiking, Novatek makes donations annually for the maintenance of Yushan National Park trails


  • Guard the priceless assets with a good mindset, and protect the environment and ecology for sustainability




From 2019 to 2022, NT$ 500,000 was donated each year for trail maintenance, with a total of NT$ 2 million in four years.


Action plans


  • Since 2007, Novatek has donated NT$ 500,000 for the maintenance of Yushan National Park trails every year, maintaining trail facilities, cleaning the environment and promoting mountain hiking safety, and participating in public welfare activities such as ecological conservation and environmental education. The scope of the sponsorship includes:

(1) Facilities such as hiking trails and mountain cabins in Yushan National Park

(2) Sponsoring the promotion of Yushan National Park-related activities


  • As of 2022, the safety of 628,083 mountain-hiking trips from all over the world were protected.


  • As of 2022, a total of 584 Novatek employees, including 705 family members, have completed the challenge of getting to the top of Yushan and have been educated with the concept of ecological environment conservation.
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Sponsored the "Sea Viewing Park" of the Hsinchu Air Quality Purification Zone

Philosophy and Goals


To maintain public leisure spaces, promote air purification, protect green spaces and air quality, while also providing opportunities for leisure, ecological education, and sustainable resource utilization for the public




Starting from 2022, volunteers of Novatek regularly visit the "Sea Viewing Park" of the Hsinchu Air Quality Purification Zone to carry out environment cleaning work. In 2022, three sessions of volunteering work were held for this purpose.


Action plans


Starting from 2022, Novatek sponsored the "Sea Viewing Park" of the Hsinchu Air Quality Purification Zone. This area has a total of 69 plants with a carbon sink capacity of 4.237 tons of carbon dioxide, which can naturally purify 6,007 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. The Company has also voluntarily expanded its maintenance and sponsorship area beyond the original one-hectare zone, demonstrating its commitment to promoting environmental sustainability and preserving the natural ecology through the joint efforts of the Company and its volunteers.

Environment Spotlight

Beneficiary feedback of Mountain and Forest Protection

In 2021, the following projects were conducted to improve the safety and service quality of mountaineering in Yushan National Park: 1.Raincoats and rain pants for emergency rescue: Considering that the rescue work is often accompanied by bad weather, we provide emergency rescue equipment for the rescue personnel in the Paiyun Lodge and the Paiyun Station to perform mountain rescue, ensuring personal safety and operation efficiency. 2.Purchase of forehead thermometers for the Paiyun Station: To prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must take preventive measures and implement self-management to improve personal safety and service quality. 3.Setting up anti-lost poles on the Yushan North Peak Trail: From the Yushan North Main Entrance to the Yushan North Peak Trail, due to the growing of the Yushan Rhododendron and Juniper shrub, mountain hikers often get lost. To improve mountaineering safety, anti-lost poles were set up in areas where mountain hikers are likely to get lost, serving as the reminders.

Jing-Ru Hsu Technical Specialist /Park Service Team of Yushan National Park Headquarters

Obtained the Green Building Label (Silver Level)

In 2021, the Tai Yuen Building in Zhubei obtained the Green Building Label (Silver Level) issued by the Ministry of the Interior.

Gold recovery from scrap ICs

In addition to the reduction and recycling of domestic general waste, we also strengthened chip waste management. Novatek recycles defective IC products and delivers driver IC waste to professional waste treatment operator for gold recovery. In 2022, the volume of gold recovered reached 92 kg (equivalent to recycling 2.02 million mobile phones). The Company transfers the recovered gold back into the gold bump supply chain for production or process metals such as silicon into building materials for water conservancy, building protection dams, and other facilities, thereby achieving the purpose of circular economy, promoting the development of urban mining, reducing the use of raw materials as well as the generation of waste, and minimizing the impact on the environment.