Sustainability Strategy Blueprint

In September 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the 2030 sustainable development agenda. In achieving these goals of sustainable development, apart from relying on the power between nations, enterprises will also play an indispensable role. As a global citizen and an important member of the semiconductor industry chain, Novatek endeavors to combine corporate sustainable development with the SDGs, jointly seeking a better, more sustainable future through its own goals and efforts. Novatek selected 15 priority goals from the 17 SDGs. Regarding potential risks or opportunities for SDGs arising from operational activities, relevant countermeasures will be actively developed in the future.

Strategies and Goals

After completing the identification of SDGs in the value chain, Novatek formulated related management strategies according to the material issues corresponding to the SDGs. Based on the period of SDGs and the content of SDG targets, we presented the annual performance for management. For more information, please refer to the corresponding chapter (section).


SDGs Targets



roadmap-strategic_goal-sdg1-goal.png (328 KB)


SDGs Targets

  • 1.4 All people have equal rights to economic resources, basic services, property and other resources


Corresponding chapter

  • 6.2 Public welfare contributions and donations
  • 6.3 Volunteer service

Raised over NT$ 15,140,000 for the “Novatek Social Caring Fund”; 48% of the employees have made the donations.

6 times

Organized 14 sessions of corporate volunteer services, awarded the "Youth Volunteer Outstanding Utilization Unit" by the Youth Development Administration, MOE 6 times in a row.