Problem to be solved

  • It is not easy for social welfare groups to raise funds, which can limit their supporting capacity, affecting the care of disadvantaged families, and leading to potential social problems.
  • Assist in solving the problem of blood shortage in blood banks.
  • Support the purchase of local farming products, and stabilize the profit from agricultural production and sales.

Novatek Social Caring Fund

The "Novatek Social Caring Fund" established in 2007 was voluntarily initiated by the employees of Novatek by adhering to the spirit of "accumulating small money to do great charity events", and continued to carry out social care, on-site visits, as well as usage supervision, and report implementation results, showing Novatek people’s spirit of "taken from society, give back to society".

The donation targets of the "Novatek Social Caring Fund" include physical and mental disabilities, early intervention, elderly care, and diverse education and learning. All relevant projects have been reviewed and evaluated by the project team of the Administration Department. A total of 1,276 employee responded to the donation drive in 2022, accounting for 48% of the Company's total workforce, a 25% increase compared to 2021. A total of NT$ 15,141,078 was raised, and the annual project implementation rate reached 97%. Since 2007, the employees have donated more than NT$ 134 million to the Novatek Social Caring Fund, sending love and warmth to every corner of Taiwan in need of assistance. For the projects supported by the Novatek Social Caring Fund, please refer to 6.1 Community Empowerment for details.


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Novatek Charity Club

Novatek supports its employees to voluntarily organize the "Novatek Charity Club", carrying forward the spirit of selfless love of the employees. Since its establishment in 2000, the employees have voluntarily initiated charity sales activities, second-hand item donations, donations to disadvantaged/charitable groups, volunteer services for social welfare groups, support for disadvantaged students and education, and support children from TFCF (Tawan Fund for Children and Families), etc., fulfilling the civic responsibility of the Novatek people.

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Blood Donation Activity

Employees of Novatek enthusiastically responded to calls to help people through blood donation. The Company organizes blood donation events every year. In 2022, 160 people participated in the events to donate a total of 265 bags (66,250 c.c.) of blood. At the time of the severe blood shortage during the pandemic, we are pleased to be able to offer help and make contribution to Taiwan's blood bank.

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Shelter Workshop Charity Sale Donations

Novatek regularly donates second-hand DVDs to Hsinchu’s Aiheng Special Education Center to hold the Manfair Shelter Workshop’s flee market charity sales to support the operational expenses of people with disabilities. A total of 1,374 DVDs had been donated by 2022.

Donation of medical supplies

Novatek actively participates in public welfare and cares for social welfare. In 2022, Novatek donated medical masks and oxygen cylinders to the Taoyuan Training Institute of the Li-Lin-Shu Social Welfare Foundation and the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation.

Alignment with international fair trade in gift procurement in 2022

Novatek sought to collaborate with environmentally sustainable, farmer-friendly, and fair trade businesses in planning company activities and purchasing holiday gifts, in order to realize United Nations SDGs such as No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Partnerships for the Goals, etc. Novatek is committed to contributing to social and environmental sustainability, and spent NT$ 245,700 on procurement in 2022.

Social Influence Spotlight
Beneficiary feedback

Novatek Social Caring Fund

Thanks to all the employees of Novatek for donating books and basketball hoops to Hsinchu County Shuangsi Elementary School, which greatly improves the quality and quantity of reading for the students. We will cherish your generosity, and fully utilize the books you donated, allowing every student to receive the best reading resources and space to activate their connection to the world. Thank you.

Fang-Lan Wen/Principal of Hsinchu County Shuangsi Elementary School