Build a healthy workplace

Novatek is committed to providing employees with a quality and friendly working environment, taking care of their physical and mental health, increasing productivity, and thereby creating a win- win situation for health and wealth, and striking a balance between work and life outside work. The Company has been awarded the “Healthy Workplace Certification Mark” by the Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare for 6 times in a row. The newly completed Tai Yuan Building has passed the certification for the first time.


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Employee assistance program and on-site physician consultation service

In 2003, Novatek introduced the “Employee Assistance Program”, signed a collaboration contract with a psychological consultation workshop, and hired a professional psychological consultant to provide free on-site psychological consulting services on a weekly basis, helping to relieve our employees’ physical and mental stress. Employees are able to choose according to their needs to visit the consultation workshop on their own or to have one-to-one individual consultations with the consultant directly in the Company. Fees are fully subsidized by the Company and there is no limit on the number of times for using the services. Since the implementation of the Program up until 2022, there had been a total of 2,457 services provided, of which 204 services were provided in 2022.

Health promotion activities

Novatek cares about the health of its employees. Every year, the health manager refers to the abnormal items in the health examination report of the employees, the on-site physician consultation advice and other information to carry out the health management for the employees, plan and conduct practical and diversified health promotion seminars and activities, and regularly provide various health information for the employees. A medical column is compiled every month to protect the health of the employees. In 2022, six major themed seminars and activities were planned. However, 10 sessions on five major themes were actually implemented, with a total of 1,039 participants for the event. The participation rate of employees engaging in the health promotion activities was 38.5%, reaching the set target (≧30%).

Maternal care and childcare measures

To provide employees with more support for childbearing and childcare, starting from 2022, Novatek has implemented "childcare allowance and work from home for parenting". If an employee has a child under the age of six, the Company will provide a subsidy of NT$ 5,000 per child per month. In addition, a flexible working system will be implemented, allowing parents to work from home for up to 15 days per year, giving both parents the opportunity to share the economic and child-rearing responsibilities.

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Working Environment and Protection of Employee Safety

The Company values the protection of both the environment and labor safety and successfully obtained LRQA certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification and ISO45001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System certification, with validity period until May 28, 2025. In 2021, the Company conducted office area inspection half-yearly , factory area disinfection and vector mosquito control measures every month, public safety inspections and reporting operations for buildings biennially in accordance with laws and regulations, quarterly maintenance and testing of fire safety equipment, monthly maintenance and testing of high/low voltage electrical equipment as well as monthly inspection and maintenance of factory facilities to provide employees with a safe and hygienic working environment. 

Personnel safety and health training

Each department assigns related personnel to carry out relevant health and safety education and training in accordance with the training program through physical or online courses or external training on a regular or irregular basis. In addition, personnel of the contractor are required to present the training materials through the “Operation Health & Safety Management Procedures for Contractors” to ensure the health and safety of their personnel within the Company. There were 27 sessions of environment, safety and health related training courses held in 2022, with a total of 607 participants.

Environment, safety and health related education and training held in 2022

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Healthy Workplace Spotlight
Healthy Workplace Spotlight

Occupational safety and health management

According to the definition of disabling injury from occupational accident provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor, after excluding traffic accidents that occurred outside the Company, there were no cases of disabling injury, no cases of occupational diseases, and no death due to work for all Novatek employees in 2022. For sporadic traffic accidents occurred outside the Company, Novatek, through the quarterly meeting of the Worker Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Committee, explained the course of the accidents, produced case study from them, and then announced them to the employees to prevent similar accidents from happening again.

ISO 45001