Company Philosophy

Novatek is committed to the pursuit of sustainable development and growth for our shareholders, employees and the community to create a reasonable profit and value by adhering to government regualtions and lwas and its long-term dedication to the integrity and openness. We value the interests of all stakeholders, and have established a transparent, effective and multiple communication channels to respond to the interested parties' expections, suggestions and demands timely, whitch are considered as valuable input and reference for the Company's social responsibility and future development plans.


Identifying Stakeholders

Novatek referenced the nature of its businesses as well as the 5 key principles of AA1000 SES (Stakeholder Engagement Standard) to identify a total of 7 types of stakeholders while formulated a management system for the identification of and communication with various stakeholders, maintaining effective stakeholder communication. We focus on listening to the voices of all our stakeholders, and have adopted a proactive communications approach to promptly and reasonably respond to external demand. Also, our official website was used as a means of disclosing important information.


Stakeholders’ Contact Window

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Stakeholder Communication Channels & Results

Through a wide variety of communication channels, the expectations and suggestions of our stakeholders are widely accepted.


Relevance to the Organization

Communication Method and Frequency

Concerned Issues

Novatek’s Responses

Communication Results in 2022

Provides the capital needed by the Company for its operation
  • General Shareholders’ Meeting (Annually)
  • Investor Conference (Quarterly)
  • Meeting/phone call/email (Aperiodically)







  • Talent attraction and retention
  • R&D and innovation
  • Economic performance
  • Market image and cooperation
  • Product quality and labeling











  • Hold General Shareholders' Meeting and Investor Conference according to the annual plan
  • Dividend policy
  • Operating status and outlook
  • Material issues of the Company



  • Online Investor Conferences were held 4 times throughout the year, with a total of 2,298 participants. The Conferences were held in both Chinese and English.

  • Made 38 visits and 110 phone calls throughout the year, 148 times in total.