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Taiwan is facing a sharp decline in the number of doctoral students. Many doctoral students face financial pressure from their families. They often have to study while working to maintain their living needs and take care of their family expenses, making them difficult to devote themselves to academic research and technological innovation.


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Project invested

Since 2010, the Novatek Foundation has sponsored more than NT$ 56.93 million for the past 13 years to cultivate 244 outstanding talents with PhD and master’s degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. Novatek Scholarship winners have no obligation to hold posts or sign contracts. Over the years, the winners have engaged in the industry to serve as a new force in IC design and R&D, or devote themselves to teaching and cultivating talents. In addition to the Novatek Scholarship provided by the Foundation directly to outstanding students, the Company has also long-term offered scholarships or academic research-related funds to various universities, making a concerted effort to improve the higher education resources and energy in Taiwan.

Since 2010, the Novatek Foundation has established the Novatek Scholarship to continuously reward outstanding PhD and master’s students for their dedication to academic research and technological innovation, working jointly to contribute to the development of science education in Taiwan.

Starting from 2022, PhD students can receive a monthly stipend of NT$ 50,000 (NT$ 600,000 per year) for a maximum of 60 consecutive months (5 years) of sponsorship.




Starting from 2022, PhD students can receive a monthly stipend of NT$ 50,000 (NT$ 600,000 per year) of sponsorship.

5 years

PhD students can receive for a maximum of 60 consecutive months (5 years) of sponsorship.



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Beneficiary feedback

Beneficiary feedback

I am currently in my third year of a PhD scholarship from Novatek Foundation. This grant has been instrumental in allowing me to pursue my research in a creative way by alleviating financial burdens as a student. This has allowed me to focus on my research and to produce high-quality work. My publications in top AL/ML conferences such as CVPR, ICCV, and ECCV, all with high impact factors, have helped boost my academic profile and give me a broad view of the possibilities of AI/ML in advancing society. I am currently developing a social media platform that aims to improve the quality of life. The scholarship has also given me the opportunity to continue my research in a field I am passionate about, without having to worry about financial constraints given that I have met the basic graduation criteria of a PhD degree early in my PhD years. I am grateful to Novatek Foundation for providing this opportunity and allowing me to pursue my dream without financial worries. This scholarship has not only helped me financially but also gave me a sense of validation and encouragement to continue my research which I believe will have a positive impact on society.

PhD student at the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University/Eugene Lee

Beneficiary feedback

I am the recipient of the 2014 Novatek Foundation Doctoral Program Scholarship. Thank you very much for Novatek's willingness to invest resources in the cultivation of doctoral students. Being able to receive this award is not only a financial support, but more importantly, an honor and recognition of our research. Today, the number of Ph.D students in Taiwan is decreasing, but we still need PhD talents. We hope that Novatek will continue to promote scholarships for PhD programs, providing students with more opportunities and learning resources. I believe that the cultivated talents for sure will make a great contribution to Taiwan's industries in the future. Once again, I would like to thank Novatek Foundation for supporting me in the past. Thank you very much.

Professor Yu-Guang Chen, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Central University