Sustainability Journey

Continue to implement and promote sustainable projects to move towards
a sustainable and eco-friendly future

Novatek's goal of renewable energy use: 50% in 2030, 100% in 2050,
and achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions

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Novatek Foundation Wins 2022 Social Education Contribution Award

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The achievements of Novatek Social Caring Fund in 2022

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Novatek Foundation awarded 2022 Sports Promoter Award - Long-term Sponsorship Award

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Feedback from Novatek Volunteers

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Beneficiary feedback from the “Night Angel Lighting Program” in 2022

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Beneficiary feedback from the recipient of Novatek Foundation Scholarship

Our Journey Continues

Novatek and its subsidiaries committed in caring for the communities in which we have a presence, and are gradually expanding the scope of caring.

Less words, More Action

In the foreseeable future, Novatek will continue to invest more efforts and resources to implement corporate social responsibility, allowing the existence and development of Novatek’s technologies to bring greater value to all stakeholders and society.

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Novatek ESG Spotlight

ESG highlight: Stepping toward the future of sustainability and environmentally friendly.


Selected as One of Top 100 in Commonwealth Magazine’s Excellence in CSR Awards for 3 consecutive years

Novatek has long been thoroughly involved in the four aspects of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), namely corporate governance, corporate commitment, social participation and environmental sustainability, and has performed outstandingly in all four aspects, building a track record recognized by external professionals, demonstrating our competitiveness in corporate sustainability.


Proactively Investing in the Design of Energy-Saving Products

In 2023, the Company invested NT$4.394 billion in the research, development and design of energy-saving products. At the product development stage, the energy consumption of chips has been included in design considerations. Based on energy-saving chip sales in 2023, a carbon reduction of approximately 8,256 metric tons was achieved, or the equivalent of saving 16.6 million kWh and enough power to supply approximately 4,610 households with electricity for a year.


Awarded the Outstanding Volunteer Utilization Unit Award Eight Times

For the past 14 years, Novatek volunteers have fully demonstrated their spirit of selfless dedication, through their practical actions in accompanying visually impaired and disadvantaged students on their paths to learning and growth, enabling the Company’s social influence to become more far-reaching. Novatek volunteers have now received the Outstanding Volunteer Utilization Unit Award eight times from the Ministry of Education.


Corporate Governance Evaluation Rated Among Top 5% or 6%-20% for Ten Consecutive Years

Novatek continues to refine its governance practices, establishing a rigorous governance structure which has received positive acclaim for safeguarding shareholders’ rights, treating shareholders equally, reinforcing the structure and operations of the Board of Directors, improving information transparency, and implementing corporate social responsibility.


Suppliers Required to Purchase Conflict-free Raw Materials, 100% Compliant Mineral Utilization Rate

Novatek supports the Responsible Minerals Initiative advocated by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and the Global Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), which requires that suppliers source only conflict-free raw materials from environmentally and socially responsible raw material suppliers. According to 2023 survey results, 100% of our suppliers used RMI-approved smelting furnaces.

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