Honors & Awards
2024. 03. 11

Novatek Foundation Honored as 2023 Youth Volunteer Excellent Utilization Unit (1st Youth Volunteer Action Award)

Volunteer Service

The Novatek Foundation volunteer team has fully demonstrated the selfless dedication of its youth volunteers over the past 14 years. Through mutual collaboration, empowerment, and the implementation of practical actions, the Company’s volunteers have continuously accompanied visually impaired students, high-risk youth, and disadvantaged children on their journeys of learning and growth, ceaselessly increasing the social impact of their services. As a result, Novatek Foundation has been honored with the Youth Volunteer Excellent Utilization Unit award by the Youth Development Administration, MOE (Ministry of Education) for 6 consecutive years (2018–2023). Furthermore, the Foundation received the 2023 Education Volunteer Service Outstanding Utilization Unit award from the MOE, marking the 8th consecutive year of recognition with dual volunteer awards. All of these achievements are attributed to the ongoing selfless dedication of Novatek volunteers in their volunteer service efforts.


Novatek has been offering paid corporate volunteer leave for 2 consecutive years, and as of 2024, the Corporate Volunteer Leave policy has been officially implemented, allowing each employee to enjoy 16 hours of corporate volunteer leave per year. This policy aims to encourage employees to engage in voluntary social services. In the future, the Foundation will continue to move forward with the power of love, harnessing the strength of corporate volunteers to contribute to society and spreading warmth wherever we go.


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