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2024. 04. 30

Novatek has been ranked in the top 5% for corporate governance evaluations for two consecutive years

Corporate Governance

The results of the 10th (2023) Corporate Governance Evaluation, jointly organized by the Taiwan Stock Exchange and the Taipei Exchange, have been announced. Novatek after first achieving a rank in the top 5% in 2022, has once again stood out in 2023, continuing its rank in the top 5% among 1,706 listed and OTC companies participating in the evaluation, a testament to its long-term and outstanding commitment to corporate governance.


Novatek has long been dedicated to enhancing its corporate governance mechanisms, including protecting shareholder rights, strengthening the structure and operation of the board of directors, improving transparency of information, and implementing sustainable development practices. In 2024, the company continues to actively implement a policy of board diversity. Recently, the list of director nominees, approved by the nomination committee and proposed by the board of directors, has increased the seats for independent directors to 5, with women directors occupying 4 seats, both exceeding half, further deepening the independence and diversity of the board.


To encourage companies with excellent performance, the Stock Exchange and the OTC Center will organize an award ceremony to publicly commend the listed companies ranked in the top 5%, jointly fulfilling corporate social responsibilities and thereby strengthening corporate competitiveness.


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