Honors & Awards
2024. 06. 24

Novatek has been included in the Taiwan Sustainability Index constituent stocks for five consecutive years


Novatek has demonstrated outstanding operational performance and continues to vigorously promote ESG sustainable management. For the fifth consecutive year, the company has been notified by the Taiwan Index Plus Corporation that it has been selected as a constituent of the Taiwan Sustainability Index.


The "Taiwan Sustainability Index" is jointly compiled by the Taiwan Index Plus Corporation and FTSE International Limited. It is the first investment-oriented ESG index in Taiwan that fully integrates Environmental (E), Social (S), Governance (G), and financial indicators for screening. This index highlights the performance of constituent companies in implementing ESG sustainable development practices.


The Taiwan Sustainability Index initially qualifies stocks of Taiwan-listed companies that are part of the FTSE4Good Emerging Index Series. These stocks are then further screened based on financial indicators to determine the final constituents. This index aims to recognize the comprehensive performance of Taiwanese enterprises that meet the index criteria for practicing sustainable development responsibilities.


Novatek aspires to promote sustainable development with an even more proactive approach. The company continuously monitors international standards and development trends, refining its sustainability strategies and goals. Through concrete actions, Novatek is dedicated to fulfilling its corporate responsibility towards sustainable development.


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