Environmental Sustainability
2024. 01. 17

Novatek Increases Renewable Energy Usage Yearly, Reaching 7.8% in 2023


Novatek is committed to environmental sustainability and has been increasing its renewable energy usage year by year. It procured solar power in 2022–2023, acquiring a total of 2.77 GWh from external sources in August and November 2023. Additionally, in 2023, the Company constructed its own solar power generation system, generating 252,000 kWh of electricity. In total, it obtained 3.022 GWh of green energy in 2023, achieving a renewable energy usage rate of 7.8% for the year.


Novatek is taking concrete actions to respond to carbon reduction efforts. Not only is the Company strengthening energy-saving and carbon reduction measures within its facilities; it aims to contribute to the global net-zero carbon emissions goal through procurement of green energy and use of its self-built solar power generation system.


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