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2024. 06. 07

Novatek Included in Taiwan High Compensation 100 Index for 11 Consecutive Years


Novatek has consistently prioritized employee compensation, welfare, and talent development. Since 2014, the company has been included in the "Taiwan High Compensation 100 Index" for 11 consecutive years.


The "Taiwan High Compensation 100 Index" is collaboratively compiled by the Taiwan Stock Exchange and Refinitiv, with periodic component stock reviews conducted by the Taiwan Index Plus Corporation. The primary selection criteria for the index components include "average employee compensation," "net profit," "net asset value per share," and "total employee compensation." The index is compiled using Refinitiv's fundamental index weighting methodology to enhance performance, and it is the world's first corporate social responsibility index designed to encourage companies to prioritize employee compensation.


Talent is not only an asset to the company but also the foundation for sustainable corporate development. Novatek leverages high-quality human resources to invest in product technology and innovative research and development. The company provides diverse learning and development opportunities for employees, alongside high-standard compensation and benefits. Additionally, it places great emphasis on the physical and mental well-being of its employees and personal growth, fostering harmonious labor relations and maintaining open channels for effective communication. Novatek will continue to proactively promote employee compensation and welfare development, fulfilling its corporate responsibility for sustainable operations through tangible actions.


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